About us

A revolutionary idea! A local online newspaper for Seymour Missouri.
With a heck of an affordable price.

As you may know the traditional newspapers do not publish a thing that would rock the boat, educate the voters, or lead to any significant changes in local government.

Local newspapers have too many conflicts of interest. They can never say anything bad about their advertisers. Many times they are part of the local power elite. Perhaps they are all Mason brothers.

For what ever reason local newspapers have failed pitifully at keeping the electorate informed.  We hope to change this by providing an outlet for articles and editorials by as an eclectic group of people as possible. Please participate!  Politics is not a spectators sport.

Please contact us with news about  the Seymour area, write for us if you are so inclined, and feel free to write an editorial, which unlike for your local mainstream  paper it need not be truncated and it will get published. You have our word on that.

You are the reporter, you are the editorialist , you are the newspaper!  A paper – of, from, and for the people!

Love, Liberty, and Blessings – The staff

* If you would like to contact us please leave your contact info in the comments section below.  – We will not publish your contact info as the comment will not show up to the general public.

** Do yourself, your family, your town, and your country a favor and start your own paper. Here is a great example of another home grown newspaper: Desert Freedom Press


We offer 2 resources to the reader that would like to investigate the proper role of government the first is a sermon on Romans 13 by Pastor Chuck Baldwin.  The second the classic by Frédéric Bastiat “The Law” Both I think you will find extremely enlightening on this topic.

“Anyone building a personal library of liberty must
include in it a copy of Frédéric Bastiat’s classic
essay, “The Law.” First published in 1850 by the
great French economist and journalist, it is as clear a statement
as has ever been made of the original American ideal
of government, as proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence,
that the main purpose of any government is the
protection of the lives, liberties, and property of its citizens…..”


If you enjoy videos we highly recommend  “An Idea Whose Time Has Come – G. Edward Griffin – Freedom Force International” the author of  “Creature from Jekyll Island”

There is no point in worrying about the erosion of personal freedom that is the reality of our present era if we can do nothing about it. They say that knowledge is power, but that is one of the greatest myths of all history. Knowledge without action is useless and leads only to apathy and despair. So the question is: what type of action can reverse this trend? Writing letters and signing petitions to the same people who have created the problem is not going to do it. Voting for candidates selected by power brokers with hidden agendas will not do it either. There have been many proposals to reverse the tide of totalitarianism but, after decades of effort, none of them have worked. In this address, G. Edward Griffin, Founder of Freedom Force, tells us why; and the reason is so simple, it will astound you. Once we clear away that single barrier, the plan for a pro-active counter-force falls quickly into place. This is the missing piece of the puzzle, the ultimate solution we have been seeking. Visit  http://www.freedomforceinternational.org/

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rebecca Hamilton
    Jul 18, 2012 @ 20:32:04

    Inalienable rights, I want to apologize to you. I reacted much too negatively to a post you made on my blog. I had just been dealing with something else in my real like that was difficult and I think I let my feelings about that come over into what I said to you. Apologies. Mea Culpa. Take out the offending word (I’m betting you know what it is!) and re-post, if you still want.


  2. InalienableWrights
    Jul 18, 2012 @ 20:41:38

    Thank you for the apology. We are all human,
    I too have a lot of personal issues so I can understand.
    Words are words they do not scare me and I use them liberally.
    Wish I had a copy of the post. If you do please send it to me.


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