Seymour MO town council meeting – December 8th

I did not make the meeting tonight. To tell the truth I am disgusted. Out of the dozen churches in this town not a single Christian seems to think that they have a responsibility to control the government that they create and support.

The people in government make a mockery of doing what government is supposed to do. I went to the agenda for Dec. 8th and it was useless boiler plate. Following the letter of the law but spitting on the spirit of the law.

Those that do not live in the town limits are apathetic because they do not think what goes on in the town affects them – they could not be more wrong. And they do not attend county government meetings either.

The clergy is pathetic and guilty of walking with evil. Their 501c3 tax status is their God. They will not rock the boat, as the black robbed preachers did in revolutionary war times. Are they the Whores of Babylon from the Book of Revelation or just a look alike?

Most despicable is the press. They are selling us down the river. Many members of the press knowingly. Their weekly paycheck is  more important to them than the  future of this country. Whoever coined the term press-titutes was spot on IMHO.

Growing up I often wondered how the Christian nation of  Nazi Germany let what happen – happen. Now I know – as I am watching the Christians of Seymour MO let it  happen here.  The parallels are astonishing.

What Seymour needs is a few Ron Paul’s to run for city council. Well we actually have them, it is just the electorate here,  like the nation, is too stupid to elect them.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. MrAugie Augenstein
    Dec 19, 2011 @ 12:24:48

    Every town needs a paper like this. I bet you are not well liked.


  2. Mr. Ron Paul supporter
    Apr 02, 2012 @ 01:36:24

    I agree, this the town of Seymour need more people like Ron Paul running it. Unfortunately, most can’t see past their nose any more. Immediate gratification or we aren’t interested.


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