What is nullification?

Nullification was a well settled concept by the year 1798. Which is why it is often referred to as the rule of 98‘. Also as the Kentucky or Virginia resolutions.

Nullification is based on the idea that the Constitution lists very definite and limited powers delegated to the Federal government by the sovereign States, and that when they do things that we did not authorize them to do, that the States and the people have the right and the duty not to follow those laws.

Nullification is being used today by states to nullify the Obama health mandates, the real ID drivers license mandates,  federal marijuana laws, and many other unconstitutional federal mandates.

Tom   Woods at the Nullify now conference in Kansas City:


Michael Boldin at Nullify Now:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQKbl4RZ73c and

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Permission – Part 1



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  1. Galen Chadwick
    Sep 04, 2011 @ 14:47:21

    Real wealth is measured by how many people one can independently feed and for how long. Organize your wealth to serve others at the family, block, church, social and neighborhood levels. The future depends upon understanding that we are not experiencing a normal market adjustment; we are in free-fall at the end of an era. If not acting upon this understanding, you will shortly find yourself perfectly educated to live in a world that no longer exists.

    We, the people of Missouri cannot independently feed ourselves. We no longer grow, process, or manufacture the minimum required to maintain civic cohesion at ANY level if the trucks stop rolling. Our existence hangs on the globalized, oil dependent, just-in-time delivery line. The 6 million people of Missouri have 72 hours of food, medicine, fuel, and life-giving essential in this pipeline at any given time. By design, intrigue, and criminal plunder of our resources, our independence, and hopes for a free and equitable Future, we have come to this.

    Following generations of extraordinary effort, and at untold cost, compusory state education has finally succeeded in its Prime Directive: dumbing-down the general population to where it cannot comprehend the significance of these statements.

    The return to historic levels of food freedom, energy sovereignty, and economic self-reliance is inseperable from regaining the constitutional political autonomy Missourians formerly enjoyed. There is no other way. Our children must return to the land by the millions- physically take it back ownership of the foundational means of production- or face oblivion.

    Our future hangs upon restoring ownership of our local and regional food supply systems. Period. Unless and until we mobilize society around this common goal, unless we provide our own narrative for the future, we are toast.

    “Divide people by their political beliefs and the power to rule over them is laying in the streets.” Napoleon

    I specialize in partisan political de-programming, will speak to any substantial gathering or to any organized group that wants to break out of the consensus trance. Put real skin in the game, and begin mobilizing a self-reliant community with the all the focus of a man with his hair on fire running towards a pond! Haven’t got time for patti-cake sessions. No cost to the group, just pass the hat for my gas expenses.

    My first priority goes to working with farmers willing to love, take in, house, and generally supervise the education of the next generation back-to-the-land farmer patriots. Noah’s B&B is a way to get numbers of church kids out of the city, and back to the Seasons, back to the creation, and back on track with the Creator’s plan.

    Feeding Missouri First comes first! Stand strong for a peaceful, prosperous, inclusive, and genuinely sustainable Future as defined by we, the people of Ozarks- not by outsiders, not by corrupt politicians, not by the UN. We entered Federation as mutually self-reliant, well adjusted, and independent self-governing people.Regaining this universal, Lockian/Jeffersonian commonwealth condition is the sole condition for remaining in it.
    Let him with ears to hear, hear.

    Get ‘er done, hillbilly- the sun’s almost set on Missouri.

    Galen Chadwick
    regional coordinator,
    Feed Missouri First Coalition
    Well Fed Neighbor Alliance

    “Your best defense against hard times is a well-fed neighbor”


  2. inalienablewrights
    Sep 16, 2011 @ 04:21:09

    Thanks for leaving the comment Galen. This site is just a demo but I hope it takes off and if it does you will have to write for us.


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