Seymour MO town council meeting – October 13th

I just got back from the town council meeting. There were 11 citizens present which was rather a crowd for Seymour. Lincoln Justice attended and I am going to try and find out if he is posting his notes from this meeting. I forgot my pen and notepad going out the door – I apologize.  So I will go from memory…..

As at the last meeting there was much alluding to discussing  things in closed session. It seems like there is all sorts of business that the little minds of the citizens should be shielded from hearing. I find this abhorrent. I don’t care if this has been going one since 1776 and is legally authorized by the State of Missouri. Keep in mind the difference between legal and lawful and that  everything Adolph Hitler did in Germany was “legal”.  This  discussion of the peoples business behind closed doors is wrong – it is very wrong.  it makes me trust government even less than the miniscule amount that I do now.

*Note on executive sessions:  When our government operates in secret and out of earshot of those that attend city counsel meetings -there is a good old boys network where certain goings on are leaked to the privileged members of the mainstream press. Take this article by Bob Anderson of The Webster County Citizen. I guess if you don’t suck up you are kept in the dark as to what goes on in the Star Chamber.

Government exists ONLY to protect our inalienable rights and that everything else belongs in the realm of the free market. (The founders believed this also.) Let’s not loose track of the fact that government after all gets all of it’s funding through the threat or actual use of force and it’s reach should be severely restricted in light of this fact.

If you listen to each and every issue that comes up in council  and hold it to the above litmus test, you quickly see that very little of what they do has anything remotely to do with protecting our God given rights and that most of it could be handled by the free market as it was in times when this county was freer.  Another litmus test that I like to use is that government should not be doing anything that you as an individual can not do. If they do then explain to me how you delegated that power to them since all of their power comes from the governed.

Very often government is not taking a legitimate action related to protecting our  God given rights. Instead they are just doing the will of the majority, or something that is popular with a segment of the population. When this happens,  instead of liberty what we have is an abomination called democracy – two wolves and a sheep voting on what is for dinner. i.e. If the majority of the citizens in Seymour – through the council – want something, it is approved and then the money to pay for it is taken by threat of force (stolen) from the citizens. There is something really wrong with this model of government. It certainly is not liberty and it is not protecting us. Rather it is legalized and institutionalized theft and misuse of force.

I will have more to say later, but one of the biggest abominations of this nature is the stealing to fund the education of others children, at the threat of taking your home and property if you do not go along.  What part of the bible do Christians in this town not understand? Is “thou shalt not steal” not clear enough? What part of it is not clear?

When one chooses to have children you are expected to put a roof over their head. You are expected to clothe them. You are expected to feed them.  You are expected to supervise them when you are working.  Where then, do people get the idea that you have the right to steal off of their neighbors to educate their children? Please show me where you find this in scripture. Perhaps in the book of thieves?

As I said I will have more to say about other things that local government does  that are  in direct violation of God’s laws and also in violation of the principles that this country was founded on.  It is discouraging in that there seem to be very few, if any, effective tools that the citizen can use to keep local government from encroachment of our rights. Specifically what tools do a concerned minority have to hold the majorities feet to the fire and keep them from passing laws that have nothing do do with protecting, but rather encroach upon our rights? I submit to you that they are very few.

It would be great if someone with recording equipment could attend as I am sure that documentation of what is going on will come in handy some day.  If you have comments please post them below. If you attend a meeting I invite you to publish your own take on what you see transpire.

The next meeting will be Thursday Oct. 27th.


The minutes for the October 13th meeting are posted here.
They are also listed below:

The Seymour Board of Alderman met for a regular meeting at 6:00 pm on
Thursday, October 13, 2011 in the Seymour City Hall Council Chambers, 114
East Washington Street.
Meeting called to order by Mayor Wayne Cantrell.
Roll call: William Pogue, Mary Carpenter, Janel Lindsey, Luke Wright.
Also present was City Administrator Darin Chappell, City Clerk Leslie Houk,
Police Chief Mike McFarland, City Prosecutor Ben Berkstresser.
Approval of Minutes
A motion was made by Carpenter/Lindsey to approve the minutes as written.
Ayes: All. Nays: None.
Approval to pay bills and make necessary transfers
A motion was made by Pogue/Carpenter to pay bills and make necessary
transfers. Ayes: All. Nays: None.
Citizen Comment‐Dean Rowe
The VFW and American Legion are looking at having an Emergency
Management Station at the legion Hall. The funds come from the State and
Federal. The only responsibility for the City would be a phone line. The board
would like to have the County come to the next meeting and explain exactly
what they are wanting.
Administrator’s Report‐Darin Chappell
See report
We received two bids for 2 library computers. The bids were from JMARK for
$3,987.07 and ISG Technology for $4,062.00. A motion was made by
Pogue/Carpenter to go with JMARK’s bid. Ayes: All. Nays: None.
Mayor’s Report‐Wayne Cantrell
Mayor Wayne Cantrell has noticed lots of brush piled up around town.
There are sofas set out on Steel Street. He would like one of the guys to pick
them up and put in the clean up dumpsters before the dumpsters are picked
Aldermen’s Report
Alderman Janel Lindsey has noticed quite a few potholes around town.
Alderman Luke Wright noted that it was embarrassing when he found out by
the citizens of Seymour that the electric shed burned to the ground. He felt
the Alderman should have been one of the first to been informed.
Alderman William Pogue is concerned about the sewer system by the school.
With the last rain we got the school was having sewer problems. “We need to
get something going soon.”
Alderman William Pogue noticed that there is concrete tore out around the
square on the park side. He would like to see this fixed.
Alderman William Pogue noticed Center Streets street sign is leaning and has
been shot with paintballs. A lot of signs around town are leaning; he would
like to see these fixed.
Alderman Mary Carpenter noted that square needs to be striped and the
handicap parking symbols need repainted. Clinton Street also needs to be
Alderman Mary Carpenter is wondering when the auditors will be her. They
are doing some in house work for the City and will be here sometime in
Alderman Mary Carpenter is wondering where we are on our recodification of
the code book. Mike Sullivan has to schedule a time to meet with us and go
over the draft.
A motion was made by Pogue/Lindsey to take a 10 minute break and go into
executive session. Ayes: All. Nays: None.
A motion was made by Pogue/Carpenter to go back into open session. Ayes:
All. Nays: None.
A motion was made by Pogue/Carpenter to hire Ty Johnson as a Volunteer
Fireman. Ayes: All. Nays: None.
Administrator Darin Chappell proposed merit raises for the City employees. A
motion was made by Wright/Lindsey to approve the wages effective October
31st, 2011. Ayes: All. Nays: None.
A motion was made by Pogue/Carpenter to have City Clerk Leslie Houk, City
Treasurer Melissa Fox and Mayor Wayne Cantrell on the accounts and
signature cards at The Homepride Bank. Ayes: All. Nays: None.
A motion was made by Pogue/Lindsey to adjourn. Ayes: All. Nays: None.
Mayor Wayne Cantrell
City Clerk Leslie Houk


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