Some thoughts on where Seymour should be headed.

Just some thoughts:

  • Would like to find some people that would commit to attending and writing up their observations on what transpires at town council meetings.
  • Would  like to get a copy of town ordinances and review them as to whether they follow the guiding principle that government should exist to protect our God given rights – not trample them.
  • Would like to investigate the interrelationship of the delegation of sovereignty between the State the county and the town or city in Missouri.

The latter 2 will be a challenge – as the whole system is set up and worded in a manner as to make it totally intelligible and incomprehensible to those  that it affects.  Do you know of any  Missouri attorneys or paralegals that would be willing to join and assist a citizens group for governmental responsibility?

I am thinking of introducing to town council in Seymour what would most likely be a symbolic act of nullification concerning food production in Seymour.  These have passed in a 4 Maine towns and one in Oregon, Oregon link2

We now see states getting on the action:  Wyoming Food Freedom Act
If you would like to work together on this food freedom initiative start the discussion in the comments section below…


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