Are Christians the problem? You decide

There is no shortage of Christians here in Seymour. There is a Church on every corner and they are all well attended every Sunday.   I have attended the past 3 town council meetings and there have never been more than 10 people at any of them. Where are  all the Christians I ask?
(For the record: I am embarrassed to admit that not a single person from my own church thinks that attending these meetings or supporting this paper is a priority that is even on their radar.)

Are the people in Seymour so dumbed down from attending the government schools that they do not realize that politics is the way you choose to treat your fellow man? Are they so confused by Romans 13 that they would follow Adolph Hitler? Are they so confused by Romans 13 that they would follow Barry Saetaro ? Are they so confused by Romans 13 that they would follow the FDA ?

By not being involved in politics they are agreeing with everything that  government does. All the Christians that do not participate in the political process (and I don’t mean just voting. This paper is part of the political process.) are supporting theft when the government steals.  They are supporting rape when the government rapes. They are supporting murder when the government murders.

I don’t have much more to say on the subject other than they are getting exactly what they deserve. i.e. One of the most criminal governments to ever exist on the face of the earth. This is not what God has ordained – this is what Christian’s have caused by their tacit approval. Maybe we can not change Washington DC or Jefferson City or even Marshfield but we damn sure can start local and keep an eye on what is going on here in Seymour.

And for the record, from where I am sitting Christians most definitely are the problem as a vast majority choose to walk hand in hand with evil.


“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”  ~ Albert Einstein

And just as applicable:

Thomas Jefferson’s seal said “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God” but I think it is even better reversed: “Obedience to tyrants is rebellion to God.”



Some thoughts on where Seymour should be headed.

Just some thoughts:

  • Would like to find some people that would commit to attending and writing up their observations on what transpires at town council meetings.
  • Would  like to get a copy of town ordinances and review them as to whether they follow the guiding principle that government should exist to protect our God given rights – not trample them.
  • Would like to investigate the interrelationship of the delegation of sovereignty between the State the county and the town or city in Missouri.

The latter 2 will be a challenge – as the whole system is set up and worded in a manner as to make it totally intelligible and incomprehensible to those  that it affects.  Do you know of any  Missouri attorneys or paralegals that would be willing to join and assist a citizens group for governmental responsibility?

I am thinking of introducing to town council in Seymour what would most likely be a symbolic act of nullification concerning food production in Seymour.  These have passed in a 4 Maine towns and one in Oregon, Oregon link2

We now see states getting on the action:  Wyoming Food Freedom Act
If you would like to work together on this food freedom initiative start the discussion in the comments section below…

What is nullification?

Nullification was a well settled concept by the year 1798. Which is why it is often referred to as the rule of 98‘. Also as the Kentucky or Virginia resolutions.

Nullification is based on the idea that the Constitution lists very definite and limited powers delegated to the Federal government by the sovereign States, and that when they do things that we did not authorize them to do, that the States and the people have the right and the duty not to follow those laws.

Nullification is being used today by states to nullify the Obama health mandates, the real ID drivers license mandates,  federal marijuana laws, and many other unconstitutional federal mandates.

Tom   Woods at the Nullify now conference in Kansas City:

Michael Boldin at Nullify Now: and

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Permission – Part 1